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sustainable printing solutions

How Sustainable is Print?

"We have had some very interesting conversations in the last few years regarding Printing."

Our Environmental Credentials.

  • All our paper is from FSC/PEFC sources and we are working with our suppliers through the World Land Trust to offer you carbon balanced papers.

  • All our consumables are environmentally friendly and non toxic.

  • We recycle all our waste paper and used toners through the appropriate channels.

  • 55% of the electricity we use is from renewable energy sources via our supplier.

  • We are working toward being carbon neutral by 2035.

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Is it Ethical, Sustainable and Environmentally friendly? The big answer to the questions above is - YES. If you left the leaflets, flyers or books outside at the mercy of the elements, it would hardly be any time before they transformed into a pulp then they would vanish. These are recyclable and compostable. Print is very ethical and sustainable and the best marketing tool for your brand and product.

It is tangible, cannot be hacked, doesn't power off, can be shared and then preferably recycled or returned to landfill once they have fulfilled their objective. Has anyone yet addressed the silent mountain of old 'PLASTIC' computer screens, hand sets, hard drives, servers that are stacked full of extremely harmful toxins and that cannot be returned to landfill or easily be recycled?

Think Ethically - Think Print!

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